Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Yamaha CryptonX T135

Yamaha CryptonX T135

Not only sold in Asia and Latin America, Motorcycle Underbone type is also present in continental Europe. One of them in Greece, and motors that circulate in the country "Gods" is CryptonX Yamaha T135, which at first glance resemble the first generation of Jupiter MX.

Despite having the same basic, but CryptonX T135 still have differences with the local Jupiter MX. Among them form the shell lamp widened and slightly flat so it is more elegant, much different from the angular design of Jupiter MX pointy and looks sporty.

In addition, seinnya lamp also features an orange reflector, which actually gives the impression of old school on CryptonX T135. While Indonesia has been applying the local variant of reflector nodes with an orange bulb.

Sein Design and rear fender number plate lights are deliberately designed according to the regulation of traffic in Greece that require rear turn signal lights easily visible from all sides.

As Jupiter MX in Indonesia, Yamaha also equip CryptonX T135 with 4-stroke engine volume of 135 cc liquid cooled, 4-valve. This machine also has the power 12.6 hp at 8500 rpm.

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