Wednesday, June 22, 2011



Suzuki has formally introduced the next generation of Suzuki Shogun whose name was legendary in Indonesia as stylish nan duck racing.

Capitalize 3 types all of which use aliases casting wheel rim alloy bars. Lowest type with rear drum brakes worth USD 13.8 million. Medium type has been equipped disc brakes on the back, removed at Rp 14.7 million. While the highest type has a rear disc and manual clutch, valued USD 15 million.

Suzuki himself further highlight the name of Shogun Axelo than big names. Seen from the embedding text in the motor body Axelo much larger than the Shogun. Axelo name itself is an amalgamation of the meaning of Acceleration and Low Consumption / Low Emission.

But alas, a variant of injection is no longer available. Though the green machines for applying the injection of more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.

Dimensions & Weight
Length 1895 mm
Width 715 mm
Height 1075 mm
Wheelbase 1220 mm
The distance the machine to the ground 135 mm
Weight (kg) 105 (Axelo S) / 108 (Axelo R)
Type 4-stroke, SOHC, 1-cylinder
53.5 mm diameter cylinder
Step piston 55.2 mm
Capacity 124 cc
Power 9.6 ps @ 8000 rpm (Axelo & Axelo S), 10 ps @ 8500 rpm (Axelo R)
Torque 10 Nm @ 6000 rpm (Axelo & S), 9.9 Nm @ 6000 rpm (R)
Fuel consumption 46 km / liter
Front tire 70/90-17M/C 38P
Rear tire 80/90-17M/C 44P
Front brake discs
Rear brake Tromol (Axelo), discs (S & R)
4-speed acceleration
Transmission type N-1-2-3-4 (Axelo and S), 1-N-2-3-4 (R)
4.1-liter petrol tank
Baggage 7 liters

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