Thursday, June 30, 2011



PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) add a line of ducks Absolute Revo, Revo is Fit. This is the cheapest of Honda motorcycles are priced at only Rp11, 4 million.

President Director of Astra Honda Motor, Yusuke Hori, say, the birth Revo Honda Fit to boost sales, especially in the lower middle class. "We want to maintain the champion two-wheeler sales in Indonesia," Yusuke said at the launch in Jakarta, Thursday, March 17, 2011.

With the birth of Fit version, date, Astra Honda Revo provides three variants, namely Fit Revo, Revo Absolute Spoke Wheel (SW), and Absolte Revo Casting Wheel (CW). Honda Revo SW is currently priced at Rp12 million and Rp13 Revo CW, 2 million, for the Jakarta area.

These three new Revo is still carrying the same engine, 110cc 4-stroke tech Efficient & Low Friction Technology. This SOHC engine that could exertion 8.7 Ps at 7500 rpm torque.

Revo Fit this time providing a versatile trunk with a capacity of 7 liters, far greater than previously Revo is just 4.7 liters.
Supra New Show
In addition to launching Revo Fit, Honda Motor Astra also change the look of the Supra X 125. Executive Vice President Director of PT Astra Honda Motor, Johannes Loman, claiming the new look of the Supra is more fresh and dynamic.

Replacement of this view, according to him, to widen the market share of the Supra. During this time, according to Loman, Supra X is identical with an established user. "We want to add target young people," he said.

Since it was first launched in 1997, the Supra has sold more than 11 million units. With this new product, Astra sales target Supra reaches 50 thousand units per month.

New Supra X 125 Prices have not changed, namely Rp14, 3 ​​million (SW) and Rp15, 4 ​​million (CW) for the Jakarta area.

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