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Yamaha Fiore carrying the water-cooled 113 cc SOHC with 9,30:1 compression ratio, while the diameter of step 50 x 57.9 mm. With injection technology, the motor is claimed to be able to travel a distance of 51 km per liter, it really economical? , Fair aja kalo earned this bike automatic motorcycle teririt in Taiwan for 100cc class.

Yamaha Fiore has dimensions length 1795 mm, width 685 mm and height 1030 mm with 115 mm ground clearance, so this bike is really cute, because its size is smaller than the Mio, even smaller than the Honda Beat is a size of 1859 x 676 x 1053 mm .... For business is already equipped with automatic braking discs on the front wheels, for rear drum commonplace in general is rather large for the size of the tires with a diameter of 90/90 velgnya 12. Unfortunately the manufacturer does not include the maximum power that can be taken by this motor.

Well for about the color, stripping ato livery we lose to Thailand, Honda or Yamaha, where manufacturers always provide a minimum of 5 colors here are at best compared to a maximum of 5 colors, usually 3 colors ... even though there most cuman sales of 10,000 units per month For Fiore, Yamaha's half-hearted not to provide 7 colors, divided into three series, Cool, Cute and Chic.

Cool Series consists of two black-red-brown and white, cute series consists of pink, violet and light blue metallic, and the last series of Chic composed of red, blue and light green. Yamaha carries the tagline Fiore Smart in Style and target share of womanhood, with a cute and stylish design seems to bike going to succeed as a popular Yamaha Fino men found there

Machine-Type :4-stroke SOHC engine cooling air.
-Cylinders: 113 cc.
-Compression ratio: 9:30: 1.
Step-Diameter: 50 x 57.9 mm
-Spark plug: NGK/CR6HSA.
Fuel-supply system: Smart injector YMJET.
-Ignition system: TCI.
-Type Clutch: dry type, centrifugal clutch.
-Starter System: Electric and Kick Starter
-Fuel: Gasoline unleaded 91 octane or
Octane gasohol 91 and more than gasoline.
-Fuel Capacity: 4.4 liters
-Engine oil capacity: 0.8 liter
-Type Transmission: Automatic V-belt (V-Belt).
-Gear ratio: 2.159-0.837:1.
Rear-set gear ratio: 3.133 / 3,000.
-Lubrication: Wet.
Type of frame: steel frame backbone.
Caster / Trail: 26.5 ° / 91 mm
Length x width x height: 685 x 1795 x 1030 mm
Height from floor to seat: 745 mm
The distance from the bottom up to the machine: 115 mm
Wheel center: 1250 mm
Net weight / weight of the tank is full: 93/98 kg
Front: Telescopic.
Rear: swing arm, Suspension Single
-Incubation system.
Brakes Front: Disc
Brakes Rear: Tromol
Wheel Size Front: 90/90-12 54J.
Rear Wheel Size: 90/90-12 54J.
-Electrical System
Front Light: 12 volt 32 watt / 32 watt x1.
Fuses: 5 amperes.

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