Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Suzuki Shogun Axelo 125 Yoshimura Version

Suzuki Shogun Axelo 125 Yoshimura Version

Long time no release of new products, motorcycle manufacturer Suzuki is now back to show its existence by issuing a new motor, which is 125 Yoshimura Suzuki Shoguna Axelo Version.

Special edition Yoshimura Suzuki Shogun 125 Axelo Version comes fulfill several motors that have previously been issued by PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales (SIS) as a special variant for Underbone and the theme is "Special Racing Edition" which was followed by Thunder 125 Minor Change.

Why Yoshimura serve as the theme of the product? Yoshimura has been known as a provider of parts and accessories racing with a brand that is well known in Indonesia, even Yoshimura also become one of the main support for the teams racing in cooperation with the manufacturer Suzuki Indonesia.

The product is specially offered to type FL125RCMD or Shogun Axelo 125 clutch type manual and more specialized for color candy red summer - titan black, with red and black color cast will be combined with various striping Yoshimura, both in appearance kanji and conventional letters, so that sporty and racing will be more exposed, red list contained in the rim racing Axelo also reinforced the impression of sporty.

Audi added that this product will be released to the market with baderol price of Rp. 15.5 million, this price is the price of OTR (On The Road) area of ​​Jakarta.

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