Monday, July 4, 2011



Indonesians came to see the new 2011 Yamaha Jupiter MX (135LC) unveiled at the Moto 2010 in Jakarta.
Jupiter MX is as good as what was expected features include rear disc brakes as standard 5-speed transmission and a radical new design.

What surprises Yamaha Indonesia is the use of front and rear tire is 2.00 x 17 "front wheel (or is 2.10 x 17" as the technical specifications suggested?) Y 2, 50 x 17 "rear wheel. Wider tires give better handling and driving a big improvement in cornering. The rear wheel is also improved in the department to tighten the chain, which has been replaced by a new version like the Yamaha FZ-150i (Vixion).

It also has 25 mm carburetor (before 22 mm)! That is only 1 mm less than The Boss (RX-Z Yamaha 135 2 stroke) in 26 mm Mikuni VM.

Power figures up to 12.52 pesos to 8. 500 rpm for the new Jupiter MX (before 11.49ps/8500rpm) and 1.24 kgf.m torque@6.000 rpm (before kgf.m torque@6.000rpm 1.19).
Check out the technical specifications of the model above here and compared it to yourself to see better in the areas of improvement.

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