Friday, June 10, 2011



With full patience finally Asep also managed to change the Honda Tiger 2004 to such a daunting Diavel Ducati on the streets.

"To make the motor Honda Tiger 2004 I became like this, I spent up to 3 years. Since I change it slowly," Asep said when met at the Bandung detikOto last weekend.

"Actually I do not know what my bike this concept now, which I definitely want to be different with other motors and certainly looks unique. And I'm very satisfied with the outcome today," Asep said, smiling.

Highly visible Asep change the entire look of his 2004 Honda Tiger this. Beginning with a cut-style seats with single seater.

Do not stop there Asep also change the legs with a more robust and Asep was changed Arm stronger to be able to sustain the body of his 2004 Honda Tiger.

"I changed the overall look, as in the rim. I use my rear rim rims BMW cars and discs to be more sturdy and strong. The front rim I deliberately use the property only add 2 disc original disc to be safer. In addition, I also changed the arm to customize the look, "said Asep.

Changes also occur in the suspension memperkental Ducati Diavel aroma in the body of his 2004 Honda Tiger.

"My front suspension can only use the pipe to cover the per shockblakernya. While the rear suspension I change it with style monoshock," said Kang Asep said, smiling proudly.

Next Kang Asep also change the fuel tank by using 0.8 mm galvanized plate for more fat and muscle.

"Yes I did intentionally forming such tanks. As for the handlebar I use Yamaha's Byson and I also had a custom headlamp owned Suzuki Satria FU and gear Neo Tech. For the back I added a pipe as machine guards and to the side fairing I use the property Kawasaki Ninja to sweeten it looks, "he said.

The final touch was Asep replace the carburetor with Kawasaki Ninja RR P 28 in order to have better performance.

"I am very satisfied with the results and my own idea of ​​this. But I do not see modif others, the article when I saw other people modif good, this could lead to new ideas again. And if that happens then I want to change it back and it's not would never-ending, "said Asep said, laughing broadly.

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