Wednesday, June 22, 2011



Airbrush Contest motor modifications, Tommy was already to the daily diet. Not surprisingly, chief partner Motor Sport (MMS) Cimahi, West Java, is famous for Not bad is active since 2003 to compete. And he is often the only and not a follower.

Included in 2007, millions of Modif Yamaha on the modification of model selection airbrush. "Something new this time and try to take the theme of love in Indonesia," said Tommy games dengnan identical topic like this. present batik motifs on the Yamaha in the competition for some time, quite unique.
Saking only when asked Alma million airbrush Batik from the area,
"I was looking for ideas of what Yogya-Solo batik. The important effect of batik." But overall, the color selection lines that match the body color is white very basic.

Dimodif including seats participate in a car that has a field that can be given the same reason. Therefore, the concept of reality batik million total.

In addition, a chair, as the body. Step starts with cover all modifications standard Alma million. "Alma Bodi soon expanded with the fiber," says Tommy. How to connect a standard plastic body dengnan fiber. "Be more visible because of a patent is a connection. Also looked clean," he said.

As the cover, the size has become larger, but still visible proposional.for edge, Tommy implementation of a customized model of the car. The reason, want to get the maximum width of the trace, so that the front 4 inches wide and 5 inches of rear wheel with the default. "Deliberately used to cross the original not million leaving the original character," Tommy firm

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