Sunday, July 3, 2011



Yamaha YZF-R125 is available 2 units and new special limited edition Valentino Rossiwith graphics. If interested, then you must be patient because these motors already struck other consumers.

From the results of road tests conducted, there are four perceived impression of the motor with a capacity of 124.66 cc. V-Ixion-like performance, but from the spectechnique, the smaller cylinder 25 cc. When the R125 is powered 11.75 dk, then theV-Ixion 11.88 dk.

The first impression, the motor is sold for Rp 95 million higher and it feels different than the Kawasaki Ninja 250R. YZF-R125 has a seat height 818 mm. Secondly, the position of the motor feels more menungging, and Footstep higher so that the elbows touch theknees when crouching body. Third, the slow pace of such motors. When lauched in first gear, the motor speed is only at number 27. But once observed, it was number 27 wasmeasured in MPH alias mile per hour. Mean, maximum speed gear motor has reached43.45 km / h, while the teeth 2 reached 75.64 km / hour.

Finally, the role of the suspension and brakes are very supportive. When cornering, this motor according invited to fall to the left or right. "Special R125, shape and ergonomics of driving is such a large-capacity motor.

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