Friday, July 1, 2011



PT Honda Blade AHM launched with a new look that makes it look more sporty to satisfy consumer desires.

Trend growth motorcycle market, followed by intense competition in the segment cub <125 cc segment which is one of the potential market that is filled by young people who want a bike with a sporty appearance. Specifically in the segment cub <125 cc, until August 2010 Honda managed to dominate the motorcycle market 47.5% nationally.

110 cc Honda engine reliability has been proven Blade because it is supported by technology (EFT Efficient & Low-Friction Technology) which makes it fuel efficient and powerful. This motor is also equipped with some excellent features such as wing design three-dimensional (3D Legshield), safety chain rear (sprocket chain stopper), safety magnetic key (Key shutter), and versatile luggage (utility box), a large 4.7 liter.

Honda Blade is now equipped with new front fenders that give the impression of sporty and cool. In addition, the body color and also new stripingnya so that the overall appearance of Blade, especially the issue of the same color with Repsol Racing Moto-GP racing bike, looks more aggressive.

With the new look of this Blade is projected to meet the desires of young people aged 17-22 years and those young at heart, while strengthening Honda's image as a motor Blade young people.

"We expect this new look will fulfill the desire of young people who want a sporty-looking motorcycle, and can be accepted by many young people in Indonesia," said Kojiro Iguchi, Marketing Director of PT AHM.

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