Friday, June 24, 2011



Motor manufacturer from India, TVS has finally officially launched a super duck named Tormax. In addition to accentuate the design and technology, India's motor turned out to be sold at a price quite tempting.

TVS Tormax that carries a 150 cc engine capacity is projected against a Japanese sports ducks Suzuki Satria namely the long-pitch alone in the 150 cc class duck. TVS Tormax was released at a price of only  14.900.000 IDR. Much cheaper than the selling price of suzuki.

TVS Tormax which stands for Maximum torque is itself a genre of motorcycle sport that carries a 150 cc engine which is supported with 5-speed transmission.

With a combination like that, TVS Tormax claimed to give birth to power up to 13.2 putara PS at 8,000 rpm with torque of 12.5 Nm boost at 5,500 rpm.

TVS Tormax body lines that already carry the double disc with mono shock with a curve that looks sporty in piles, especially in front of the motor.

Sporty thanks to the more obvious applications are juxtaposed turbotune technology with dual mufflers tune. With a blend of technology disposal Tormax TVS riders can choose the 'voice' their exhaust. Want to sound 'normal' or sound like a racing exhaust.

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