Wednesday, June 22, 2011



Charm Ducati Multistrada 1200 cc engine in the big bike enthusiasts in Indonesia are truly remarkable. Why, Indonesia, New Ducati motorcycles, which began in late July, but 12 units sold by the third week of June. It is true that the units and five units of three engines arrived in late June. Eight of the total that we definitely have to be sure. Because the production process in Italy is much more demanding. It is beyond your expectations. Only, and the issue price, Nugroho still admit that not to mention the final price. The expansion of the existing tax rates are calculated separately for this reason. The reference price used by the automakers $ 515 million so far on the road to the capital, Jakarta is Ducati. But not hard, it is essential that the price has come after all these engines. When you really can not trust a certain value.

Ducati owners that a consumer advocacy bike against cars in Indonesia were not surprised by the blogger of interest rates. Besides the presence of qualified technology, Rudy, is no less important is said that Indonesia, the Ducati sales service that is personal. Customer loyalty is what makes the latter as well as a point of attraction for potential buyers increases. As a result, the Ducati brand for customers who seem to have a high fidelity has become a Ducati product market. Others to indicate a Ducati, to buy or buy back the Ducati models that others do not. The reason is the recognition (the spirit) and a sense of pride (pride) the opening of the brand (the chain) involved in promoting the word in Ducati. In addition, the Multistrada, techniques that are not owned by the other engines in its class provides a number. And 1198 was nektonic cc motorcycle is equipped with technology for comment. However, the new suspension with various electronic devices are often adjustable suspension.

Section, and integrated with the new active traction control, ABS braking system for the conservation of kinetic energy, electronic control unit. The drivers and the selection of media and motorsports four types of comments, tourism, urban and according to the path of his motorcycle Enduro race happen. Belching engines of 150 horsepower at 7,500 rpm to 9,250 rpm and 118.7 Nm / A power couple. Multistrada 1200 is the sixth-generation copy. The first generation started in 2003 with 1000 cc engine. In 2006, Ducati 1100 cc and a new variable.

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