Friday, June 24, 2011



Crowded market for motorcycles in the 250 cc class sport which is now occupied by three brands (Honda, Kawasaki, Minerva) makes PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales or SIS want to play along with Suzuki's flagship product which is planned to launch 250 GW in 2012. This certainty, especially regarding the model.

Suzuki GW 250 that is still the concept was ever exhibited at the Shanghai Auto Show, late last year, and newly marketed in China next year. As in Indonesia, "The study was done, I only just saw the pictures. Most fast next year, the only time there has been no further explanation,"

GW250 is designed for regular commuters who travel long distances, equipped with 250 cc engine, 4-stroke liquid-cooled, powered PS@8.500 26 rpm, and torque of 24.2 Nm@7.000 rpm. If so marketed in Indonesia, Honda CBR 250R, Ninja250 Kawasaki, KLX250, and DTracker 250 will have a new competitor with a different appearance, the Turing

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