Tuesday, July 5, 2011



Modification of the motor is not just a monopoly of the pengemar modif alone. ATPM else can too! This was evidenced by modifying a Honda Honda Scoopy.

A purple berkelir Scoopy motor displayed in the Honda booth at the event Jakarta Fair enough attention.

It's nothing, when Scoopy generally showing a concept of a cute retro bike, the purple is actually reversed. Instead of funny, which actually radiated seramlah impression when I first looked at this bike.

Just look at the wide-style shapes stangnya Chooper a motor or motors which forms the front of such a grille like the old-fashioned car Hot Rod.

"The concept is derived from the incorporation of Honda Valkyrie Rune and Hot Rod cars," said Honda.

Another uniqueness of this bike is also seen in the form of exhaust frightening. There are four holes in the motor exhaust. Each of the two on the right and two on the left with a airscoop under the front seat.

Retro look that is also increasingly fierce burst out thanks to the selection of rim and tire tread width. Moreover, the tool disc brakes also do not lose big.

Finally, the motor is then doused in purple paint is given a tribal graphics on his body. "Graphic made ​​like a tattoo to impress macho," he concluded.

Well if it were so, the purple also managed to attract the visitors into the booth with the confident Honda and posing in arena PRJ.

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