Tuesday, July 5, 2011



German motorcycle manufacturer, BMW, last year has introduced a sophisticated safety concept in the form of signal model K1600 GT shaped light "corona" (like a ring) in the daytime. The lights will turn on automatically so it can be detected from afar by the vehicle in front.

After a successful, BMW is now complete it again with some additional features that are related to safety for the rider. These features are in the form of an emergency call (emergency call), collision warning (collision warning), and a support system when turning left (turn left assistant) are safe.

For emergency calls and prevention of scratching, the systems have been used on a car called eCall and ACN (automatic collision notification). As for two-wheeler is now being worked on. It seems like ACN, a camera mounted above the main lamp to monitor the situation around, especially for blind spots. The camera is also capable of detecting objects that automatically enables minimization of the existing barriers in the streets.

Other features include vehicle communications system for one another so that the motorcycle be safer. Here, BMW's give three warnings, starting from the worst weather, obstacles, and vehicles approaching from the side of the "dark".

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