Friday, June 24, 2011



SR 125 Max carrying capacity of 125 cc engine 4v 1 cylinder 4-stroke is capable of issuing power 15 bhp at 9250 rpm. Besides Max SR 125 is also equipped with injection systems.

Difference between Max feels on SR 300. The scooter carrying SR 300 4v engine capacity of 278 cc 1 cylinder, liquid cooled, combined with the injection system. It offers the perfect balance between power and economy to drive in the city and outside the city of course.

But do not stop there SR Max scooter also has a larger diameter wheels with top-class chassis. But it added the perfect blend with the embedding 35mm hydraulic fork, making it both sporty impression.

While the rate penghalau both use 260 mm diameter disc brakes with 2 pistons at the front. And 240 mm discs at the rear so that adds a stronger grip.

For SR Max chair design has undergone testing that is claimed to make motorists ergonomically comfortable. Max SR 125 is also removed 3599 pounds, or about Rp 49 millions, whereas Max bandrol SR 300 was given for 3899 pounds, equivalent to Rp 53 million.

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