Monday, June 20, 2011



Replacement exhaust muffler alias to the standard model racing is one way to boost the power of the mounts.
For your Honda CBR 250R users who want to increase the performance of his favorite motorcycles can use the latest exhaust Yoshimura output. As reported by autoevolution, new muffler designed specifically for CBR 250R engine character is capable of increasing power until 7bhp of the standard exhaust.

Is R-77J Street Sport makes the CBR 250R is more powerful. Exhaust There are two models of the Stainless Steel End Cap and End Cap Cerbon. Both are offered in three different materials ie Stainless, Titanium and Metal Magic as well as db-Killer features dampers that can be removed.

Exhaust using dB-killer capable of producing sound power 86 dB at 4250 rpm while the dB-Killer does not use any more thundering voice with the power of the range of 94 dB sound reaches 4250 rpm.

Here is a list price of Yoshimura R-77J Street Sports,
CBR250R R-77J Street Sports slip-on Stainless End Cap
180-420 Stainless Steel-5V50 493.07 pounds (Rp6, 8 million)
180-420 pounds 575.25 Titanium-5V80 (Rp 8 million)
180-420 Metal Magic-5V20 575.25 pounds (Rp 8 million)

CBR250R R-77J Street Sports Carbon slip-on end cap
180-420 Stainless Steel-5W50 575.25 pounds (Rp 8 million)
180-420  Titanium-5W80 pounds 657.43 (Rp9, 1 million)
180-420 Metal Magic-5W20 657.43 pounds (U.S. $ 9.1 million)

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