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Having mastered the KTM, Bajaj Auto India also use technologies such Austrian motorcycle manufacturer. Of some Indian media blows gossip, Bajaj Pulsa prepare a new generation with DNA KTM.

India BSMOTORING.com preach, Baja while preparing two new models powered Pulsar 150-160 cc and 200 cc. For model 150-160 cc, Bajaj Pulsar 135 is still Relying features such as handlebar clamp, digital instrument panel, LED lights and headlamps projector types such as the Pulsar 220.

It is said, the figure of the new generation Pulsar underwent major changes, including the design and materials used. Foot mat is no longer mounted on the frame and saddle designs are also more stylish.

In fact, for the Pulsar 200, a separate model saddle designs (split seat) and use the KTM-based machines. Stuck to the bottom of the engine exhaust, similar to the KTM Duke. Others, uses bertelapak tire width, MRF Zappers with soft compound.

Both models still Relying on a machine with DTS-i technology and the supply of gasoline carburetor. Especially for the latter, the goal is more affordable price. Power output estimated 15 PS and PS 21-25.

PT Bajaj Auto Indonesia (BAI), officially launched the new Pulsar 220 model to the Indonesian domestic market with a tag of USD $ 18.6 million on the road in Jakarta. The launch is done at the Sentul circuit, West Java, today (8 / 3), coupled with a test ride event.

Pulsar 220 is the highest product of Bajaj in Indonesia's target market to middle-upper segment, complementing the existing models, such as the Pulsar 135 XCD, 180 and 200. This type of motorcycle sport will compete with rivals, Honda and Yamaha Scorpio Tiger.

Bajaj equip the unit with 220 cc engine digital twin spark ignition technology (DTSi) powered 21 PS at 8500 rpm and torque of 19.12 Nm at 7000 rpm, which is capable digeber 144 km per hour. Consumers have a choice of five colors, black, blue, red, silver, and orange.

Vice President BAI Director Dinesh Kulkarni, the official information received Kompas.com, today, said growth in the sport motorcycle market in Indonesia continues to increase. "We continue to develop special Pulsar 220 and the new raise standards, performance, and become the strongest and fastest motorcycle in its class," he said.

Pulsar 220 BAI will be assembled at the factory in Cikarang, West Java, starting this year. When viewed from the price offered, Pulsar 220 become a competitive alternative compared to the two rivals. Just for comparison, as of March 2011, Honda Tiger cost Rp 24.9 million and USD 23.75 million Yamah Scorpio. Well, you are choosing to live, like technology, Japan or India?!

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