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For starters let's surgery what are the benefits of one of the motor's TVS Neo X3i.

From the looks, the motor from India was featured sporty curves with the firm and the main lights are great. But if not observant, this motor was also overwhelmed by the variety of innovative features.

Look Duralife machine he was carrying. 110 cc engine capacity was carrying was equipped with a Digital Ignition Mapping which can make power delivery up to 8.5 bhp at 7500 rpm engine speed with maximum torque of 8.5 Nm at 4500 rpm. With such strength, TVS Neo X3i responsive to everyday wear and can carry a heavy load but still fuel efficient.

In addition, the machine that carried Neo X3i Duralife according to Ades has 4 main advantages that make it different from machines of other brands of motorcycles and motorcycle engines so it can make more minimal friction which in turn makes the engine remain durable, more fuel efficient but still capable great physical exertion.

Excess Duralife machines, these include the application of Cam Follower Roller Technology, Low Friction Piston Ring, Teflon Tensioner Guide Low Friction and Lub Advance Circuit.

In addition to the machine he was carrying, TVS Neo X3i, which is the cheapest motorcycle in Indonesia now, according to Ades also has a myriad of other advantages that are not owned motorcycle classmates from other brands.

For example, there are i-econo which is a feature that can help motorists control the use of fuel. This feature is supported by a throttle sensor to control ignition during idle and the motor running. Where is the Throttle Sensor will serve to provide ease of operation of gas rounds and give maximum input to the CDI to improve the ignition timing.

There is another i-start feature that can tell the driver whether the motor is ready to use. "So when we heat up the motor when it is used, this feature can tell whether or not the motor is ready to run. Only takes 2 minutes to warm up the engine. When two minutes it was a time when oil has the ideal temperature and was lubricate almost all machine parts.

There are also features i-space which is the name of the TVS untu great bike trunk. Neo IN X3i, TVS gives the trunk capacity of 8.7 liters and is the largest trunk in the motorcycle segment. While i-Glow is the name given TVS for key contacts who can glow in the dark. So when the dark, the driver had no trouble menembukan keyhole bike.

And the most unique features in the motor are sold between $ 9.99 million to Rp 11.47 million this is a feature i-charge. This feature is a feature that allows So when on the road, while motorists can charge the phone.

So in fact this motor can compete with Japanese motorcycles. Especially with the addition of features that are not owned by another motor we can still sell at very competitive prices.

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