Monday, June 6, 2011



At first glance this bike like a big shrimp. Tanks until the stern seemed to be the body, while the front wheels of long buffer nan "magic" is like a tentacle.

Christian Dotson made his chopper motorcycle as if to break on the front, but it did not. Because, in fact mast front wheel is solid and systematic. He then named Swingshot, perhaps because relying on the swing arm front pole.

When viewed more closely, then the Christian shared his company, Dotson Design, also pair per leaf that is placed upside down and car-style steering system.

There are still about the front legs, grip the front suspension is made with 30 degree angle. This is the key why the suspension of the motor is as if "alert" and responsive to dampen shocks, especially for motorcycles serebah and all this.

The process takes about 14 months. Since early Christian already square off the impression that he will provide a vintage, but also exploratory in this work. Exploratory points that would have clearly seen how the motor steering system.

The engine uses a custom-made results of Accurate Engineering with a basic model of Harley Davidson Panhead engine which was originally produced in 1948-1965. Engine power is transmitted to wheels through a 5-speed transmission leg.

To reinforce the impression of a vintage, he and Dotson Design necessarily make almost all of the pieces of the body of this motor, among other exhaust and suction lines, horns, tank, sepatbor, handlebars, steering gear, fuel lines, footing, seats, suspension, and electrical systems. Actually there's more.

Then, one which is also unique, he just rely on one brake (for the rear wheel). This is dangerous, indeed, because the stopping power so no maximum rate. Even so, the motor with the front wheels measuring 21 inches and the rear 19 inches (width but shorter) has been "dikalungi" various awards, such as the AMD World Championships Freestyle Champion and Grand National Roadster Show "America's Most Beautiful Motorcycle".

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