Tuesday, June 21, 2011



After officially became the sole agent in Indonesia Piaggio, Piaggio Indonesia PT directly hit the market by offering five variants of the three models, 
1. Zip 100 is priced at Rp 12.5 million, 
2. Zip 100 Graphics (USD 13.4 million), 
3. Liberty 150 injection (Rp22, 5 million), 
4.Vespa LX 125 carburetor (USD 22.9 million)
5. LX 150 injection (USD 24.9 million). 
All prices intact motorcycle that was imported from Vietnam is on the road price in Jakarta.

From the revenue stamp, apparently Zip variants could enliven the domestic market. The price is the same thin diff sports model from Honda and Yamaha.

"We invite all citizens to come to Jakarta Jakarta Fair to see our inaugural exhibition. It also shows as our sales network throughout Indonesia," said Sergio Mosca, Managing Director of Piaggio Indonesia at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Jakarta, Thursday (9 / 6 / 2011).

In its marketing, Piaggio Indonesia segment targeting young people aged 15-35 years with a class AB as the main consumers. With the price offered, Piaggio had a chance to compete better with other brands because it is more competitive than previous models from Italy.

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